I'm sorry, but your argument about the tires is invalid. Drivability in the snow has a lot to do with tires. I agree you can make up some of that difference with talent, but there's a huge difference between "getting there, just" at an average 10mph and "pulling glorious oppo on the way there" at an average of, say,… » 1/28/15 2:50am Wednesday 2:50am

They are like magic carpets off the road, with or without trailer, it's insane how good they are there. On the road isn't uncomfortable either, but steering depressingly vague, so you won't find it relaxing to go brisk. The're also prety comfortable a nice place to spend time, and i even like their style. » 1/23/15 6:43pm 1/23/15 6:43pm

As one of the import crowd - although i have suggested a type that was available as new in the States, just in lesser tune - I am most satisfied with your choice, and looking forward to your reports about this endeavor. I also know very little about Skylines - there aren't that many in continental Europe either,… » 1/21/15 3:40pm 1/21/15 3:40pm

I'm not sure, but i have a feeling we already saw this vid on Jalopnik a couple years back. Whatever, righteous snowdrift with banger-status European sedans is my winter special, so i could re-watch it every season without getting bored. » 1/20/15 2:47pm 1/20/15 2:47pm

I would nominate both the MR2 and the Miata. I know they are great auto-X weapons after a few mods, and i also know very well, having driven one, that the MR2 can become a track monster after another layer of mods, but as factory, OEM, original & vanilla? Great, lovely on the street, but on a proper track you'll feel… » 1/19/15 11:41am 1/19/15 11:41am

Heh, feel like i must chime in on this, though i have already said all i can, but there is one important point i would love to have here too, not just back in that old review. If my research serves me right, the snap oversteer issue is an USDM special, as after 1986 those cars came without a rear anti-roll bar for… » 1/19/15 10:02am 1/19/15 10:02am

One thing to note that you didn't mention: print titles proliferated in the last couple of decades. I'm not old enough, and born on the wrong side of the iron curtain to know, but i'm told by wiser types that back in the olden days, when print ruled, you had like three major titles on the newsstand sharing this cake -… » 1/16/15 4:31pm 1/16/15 4:31pm

When i was a wee lad (in journalistic terms), one of my very first assignments had me as a passenger in a Dakar-prepped, rally-raid Nissan Pick-up. At the wheel? An infamous journalist-turned-racer, who had a very bad crash at a previous Dakar, that most people agreed showed lack of skill. » 12/19/14 6:43pm 12/19/14 6:43pm

$10 says it won't be AWD, but otherwise, as someone who also had the luck to drive the last RS, i concur. Interesting that a little detail - the 5pot sound - made the car ooze character. If every single bolt would be the same, but with the 2.3 ecoboost, it would be worse, i fear. That sound is simply all-encompassing. » 12/11/14 6:11pm 12/11/14 6:11pm

Squeeks and rattles. If you use materials that are softer to begin with, and resist age, sunlight and temperature variations better, your interior will hold together much-much better over the years. No wonder it's a good feeling to sit inside an 1988 BMW or Merc, while the rest of the car populace from that year...… » 12/11/14 6:03pm 12/11/14 6:03pm

I remember reading you last week and thinking you're not even joking about this Ferrari issue, you're really sad. It's the same this week Doug, the one who plays with cars - you've been moved by this, just not in the way everyone expected. » 12/08/14 5:04pm 12/08/14 5:04pm