You know Chris - if you allow me to call you that - you are right that most such hatred issues come from tribalism, but the X6 is an exception. I am the guy who normally understands and accepts the reasons behind other peoples’ vehicular choices, but you cannot show me a person, who drives an X6 and with whom i want… » 4/27/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

One Ford - an engineer says

I was at a press launch last week, the C-Max facelift and the brand new S-Max were introduced to the bottom-feeder class of the European motoring press - yes, that’s what i consider myself. Even though we were invited to Mallorca, it was a fairly run-of-the-mill event, mainly because they made sure we don’t have time… » 4/27/15 10:05am Today 10:05am

I would vote Xsara, it’s a good choice for such a venture. Even if you don’t take a third person, usable space behind the seats is a must, as you’re not going to pack away all the snacks, camera equipment and laptop into the trunk every time you stop/start at a waypoint. Not to mention your warm clothing, which will… » 4/27/15 5:30am Today 5:30am

When i’m thinking about automotive interior design it’s hard for me to look past a modern day Volvo, say a 2012 V70. It’s comfortable, very comfortable even, it’s ergonomic and it does this while including all of the equipment necessary in a classy vehicle. And looks the part too. » 4/20/15 1:38pm 4/20/15 1:38pm

I have driven a Monza, quite close to that - A2 gen. so with the more rounded nose, and 4speed GM auto, but the same engine, the same color combo, and mostly the same cockpit. Swiss car originally. I liked it quite a lot more i imagined i would, especially the auto was pretty good, and even with that slusher the… » 4/13/15 5:42pm 4/13/15 5:42pm

The fuel gauge is broken in the 505. And though it did work for a time, now the small yellow light of “fill her up” is gone too. I still don’t normally run out of gas though, because i have a vague idea of how many miles i can go with a fill, and need only to check my trip meter. » 4/13/15 11:15am 4/13/15 11:15am